Try This at Te Deseo


Te Deseo’s menu has influences from all over Latin America. In the hands of Chef Ty Thaxton, recognized as one of the Top 50 Chefs in Mexico, Te Deseo’s menu is a collection of Latin inspirations and flavors. The menu showcases familiar fare of Latin American cuisine, such as enchiladas and tacos, as well as some more foreign favorites.

For those feeling a bit adventurous, we recommend trying Te Deseo’s delightful tiraditos. Tiraditos are Peruvian-style sashimi. Yes, you read that right — sashimi. If you fancy Japanese flavors, some elements of this Peruvian classic will be very familiar. Typically made of the fresh catch of the day, tiraditos are sliced ultra-thin and prepared similar to sashimi or carpaccio.

The origin of tiraditos traces back to the 19th century when Peru saw an influx of Japanese travelers and inhabitants. These newcomers began using local produce and cooking methods to recreate their own traditional dishes. Known as Nikkei, this cuisine was born from a fusion of Japanese cultural food traditions with Peruvian ingredients. These flavor combinations beautifully blend the best of each cuisine; the simplicity and elegance of Japan with the vibrancy and spice of Peru.

Two tiradito dishes are available at Te Deseo — with one featuring fresh tuna and the other featuring escolar, known for traversing tropical waters. You can’t go wrong either option, so order both for the table on your next visit to Te Deseo before ending the night with a rooftop nightcap.

Te Deseo is Harwood’s newest restaurant located adjacent to Happiest Hour at 2700 Olive Street. Make dinner reservations at and follow @tedeseodal on Instagram.