Tour de Force


Luxury cars, exquisite portraits and sparkling jewelry decorated the already stunning entryway of Bleu Ciel on the evening of November 14th, 2019. Racing enthusiasts and art collectors alike came together to explore the racing legacy of legendary Carroll Shelby.

In preparation for the premiere of the latest Hollywood Film, Ford v Ferrari, this event was able to transport you to the emotions and history experienced on the big screen. Bleu Ciel, Aston Martin, de Boulle jewelers, internationally acclaimed artist Maciej Maga along with the Shelby family joined forces to celebrate a passion that drives inside all of us.

Aaron Shelby and his family showcased a replica of the winning car from the 1959 Le Mans.

Aston Martin Dallas presented the showcased the highly anticipated 202 DBS Superleggera Volante.

De Boulle displayed the historic Patek Phillippe timepiece from Carroll Shelby which commemorated his historic win at the 1959 Le Mans.

Artist Maciej Maga exhibited several original paintings, including a portrait of Carroll Shelby winning the 1959 Le Mans. Maga is commissioned all over the world and has completed portraits for the likes of Pope John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart, and the Apollo Astronauts.