Get a Taste of the ’80s in Harwood


All seven Harwood District restaurants are throwing it back to the 1980s to celebrate Harwood International’s 30th anniversary! Founded by Gabriel Barbier-Mueller, Harwood International is the global real estate developer behind the growing 18-city blocks of Dallas’ Harwood District and other major developments around the world.

Enjoy a delicious taste of nostalgia with these ’80s-inspired features, only available through September 30. Share your eats on social with #30Throwback.

Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens
This business-casual dining destination, and the first restaurant developed by Harwood International, showcases the epitome of ’80s comfort food. Loosen up that suit tie and indulge in a delicious Sloppy Joe Sandwich, just like on the most popular sitcoms of the decade. Marie Gabrielle’s Sloppy Joe is served on a butter brioche bun every Wednesday in the cafe.

Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar
With a reputation as the place to go for any celebration, it’s only fitting that Saint Ann features the ultimate throwback party appetizer. Dive into the Seven Layer Dip, a definite crowd pleaser with colorful layers of guacamole, salsa, cheese, and toppings. Saint Ann’s spin on this popular ’80s dish is rich in flavor with farm fresh ingredients sourced in Texas.

Mercat Bistro
Wine and restaurant critic Robert Finigan wrote in 1983 that food was “the stuff of status.” Chefs and diners alike became enamored with the aura of celebrity and artistic presentation. The impressive culinary skills from Mercat’s open-air kitchen are beautifully showcased with the Tournedos Rossini. 

The Grove at Harwood
The Blue Lagoon had everyone dreaming of paradise in the ’80s. The flick also inspired an influx of neon blue drinks on the bar scene. Make summer last a little longer with The Grove’s Frozen Bleu Hawaiian, a tropical rum refresher complete with pineapple garnish and a mini parasol.

Magnolias: Sous Le Pont 
The ’80s were the prelude to the widespread coffeehouse boom. A powerful movement was heating up, though, with baristas becoming coffee connoisseurs focused on experience, innovative brew methods, and sustainable sourcing. Magnolias, one of Dallas’ most Instagrammable coffeehouses, embraces most of these values born in the ’80s. Let the friendly baristas know you’re there for #30Throwback and you’ll be delighted with the Don’t Stop Brew-lievin’ Cold Brew flavored with coconut.

Happiest Hour
Can you imagine life without brunch? The dining daypart first peaked in the ’80s. So, too, did cravings for tasty eats with a bit of sweet and savory flair. Cue the Monte Cristo Sandwich. In signature style, Happiest Hour loads up this made-in-America classic with fried ham and Swiss cheese. Then, it’s batter-dipped, deep-fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served with house-made jam. Lucky for you, this special is available at lunch, dinner, and brunch at Happiest Hour.

Dolce Riviera
The Harwood District’s award-winning restaurant Dolce Riviera presents Fettucine Mare e Monti, an elevated rendition of the Alfredo-sauced fettucine that was often found on the menus of America’s Italian eateries. Dolce’s executive chef Michele Scarpa remembers the popularity of this dish from the early days of his career in Italy. Paying homage to the Marche region, Fettucine Mare e Monti features ingredients of the land and the sea in one delicious indulgence beautifully plated in an oyster shell.