Q&A with Michele Scarpa, Dolce Riviera’s Executive Chef whose personality and passion is hard to miss both in & out of the kitchen.

Your last chance to try Chef Scarpa’s farm-to-table menu at Dolce Riviera is Wednesday, November 21.

Here, Chef Scarpa shares insight about his market-driven menu, why he was inspired to create this experience for his guests, and what’s next to come at Dolce.


What was the inspiration for this Farm-to-Table menu?

MS: The farm-to-table concept originated in Italy, but it’s referred to as ‘Kilometre zero’ – meaning the food travels zero kilometers to get to you, it’s 100% local and fresh. It is part of Italian tradition and the way I was trained as a Chef; you cook with what’s in season and what’s around you. I wanted to share that tradition with what’s seasonal to Texas and highlight that with an Italian twist.

How did you pick these Texas farms?

MS: I frequent the Dallas Farmers Market; it reminds me of the markets I’m used to at home and I’m constantly inspired by fruits and vegetables that are in season. I started to learn more and went to visit a couple of the farms and chose four that each specialize in different ingredients to highlight.

Did you visit the farms before making a decision?

MS: Absolutely! I went to each farm and tasted everything before deciding what I wanted to use – it was all amazing which made it tough to not make this menu even bigger.

Do you have a favorite dish for on the menu?

MS: Yes, I’m originally from Veneto, Italy where risotto is a huge part of our culture so naturally the Risotto di Zucca was one of my favorites to make. We got really creative with the presentation and have it served in a pumpkin – it’s my favorite.

What’s next for you and Dolce Riviera?

MS: We’re excited for the holiday season! It’s always a great time for us. White truffles are about to be in season which is also one of my favorite times of the year. We get them imported from Piemonte and will have featured items beginning Friday, November 23rd. Following that Christmas, and of course New Years Eve. We have a few new things coming up in the new year which we’ll be excited to share with everyone.


Special thanks to Comeback Creek Farm, A Bar N Ranch, Stocks & Bondy, and 290 Vinery for their partnership.

This menu is available at Dolce Riviera only through Wednesday, November 21.

Make your reservations with “Farm to Table” in the notes.