March Drinks at Magnolias: Sous Le Pont


It’s the third month of the year which means Matcha Madness has begun! While everyone is busy filling out their winning brackets the Baristas over at Magnolias: Sous le Pont have been crafting up this month’s featured drinks that are sure to be a slam dunk.

The first drink is dedicated to all our early risers. Our Sunrise Matcha is a fun twist on two of your favorite morning drinks. Enjoy an iced matcha flat white blended with your morning cup of OJ. If you’re not willing to wake up with the sunrise, at least enjoy it in your glass.

It’s getting warmer outside which means our drinks can start getting colder. It also means ice cream in your matcha is 100% acceptable no matter what anyone else says. Our Green Dream Frozen Matcha is exactly what it sounds like: your dreams in a cup. Enjoy your favorite matcha flavors with vanilla ice cream and a dash of lemonade.

If you are still hesitant to try matcha, this one is for you. The Minty Matcha Latte is a crowd favorite and will help you kick start your morning into high gear. With hints of mint and lavender, it’s the perfect amount of sweetness to pair with your matcha.

Let’s not forget that March is also home to the infamous St. Patrick’s Day which means wearing green (and drinking green) is a must. The Irish You Were Coffee Matcha Latte is perfectly infused with vanilla and lavender.Venture out of your comfort zone this month and put coffee on the back burner for an order or two.

While everyone else is rooting for the underdog in their march madness brackets, we will be rooting for the true underdog this month: Matcha!