Keeping the District Safe


Did you know that Harwood International has over 400 cameras monitoring the District 24/7? They are all being closely watched by our LUX Concierge team with Doug Carson at the helm. For Doug, Harwood International’s Director of Asset Protection, the safety of the District tenants and guests are his top priority.

Doug has been a law enforcement and security professional for over 30 years. After spending 14 years as a Dallas Police officer, he crossed over to Security Management at a luxury golf resort outside of Charleston, South Carolina. His experience in hospitality and contract security brought a new level of service and safety to the District when he started 6 1/2 years ago.

“My goal has always been to create a safe environment for our tenants, employees, and visitors to the Harwood District. Dallas is a large bustling city, but I wanted to create our own little safe space within it – our city within the city. To do that I had to build a team of concierges with strong customer service backgrounds, who also have safety and security training for emergency situations.”

Doug started with the hiring of a Director of Concierge. He interviewed candidates with a structured background who could lead a team and provide the training that was needed.

“I was lucky to interview and hire Kory Briggs. He is a former Marine and is currently in the Army National Guard. He has helped motivate the team with monthly ‘in-service’ training courses to certify all concierges in CPR and AED.”

Leadership from Doug and Kory, and their on-going relationship with the Dallas Police Department, have made Harwood the safest work and play environment in Dallas.

Throughout the week Doug can be found monitoring the buildings in the District. He is always up for a friendly chat so make sure to stop and say hello next time you see him!

Pictured from left to right: Kory Briggs (LUX Concierge Manager), Gene Embuscado (Lead Concierge), Doug Carson (Director of Asset Protection).