Global real estate firm Harwood International has leased over 80,000 square feet in flexible office space after launching the new Harwood Flex program in 2021.

“Harwood District is over 90 percent leased. By offering flexible move-in ready suites and coworking options, we were able to fill some of the smaller suites within the District,” said Steve Hall, Vice President of Asset Management. “We responded quickly to the market demands and have seen great success from the program.”

After launching a coworking suite inside of Harwood No. 1, called Nomad Suites, the private offices, enterprise suites, and dedicated desks were quickly filled. Now, Harwood has launched a new coworking space just two floors down. The original coworking suite occupied just 3,500 square feet, and with the new space has grown to 8,000 square feet.

In addition to coworking, Harwood has seen a strong positive reaction to move-in ready suites. In 2021, Harwood leased over 80,000 square feet to tenants seeking spec suites. Currently, Harwood International has around 30,000 square feet of available move-in ready suites across its nine towers.

“The option to expand or establish their Dallas footprint without high up-front costs, has removed major barriers for some prospective tenants,” said Kelly Whaley, Director of Leasing. “The new offering is especially interesting to companies opening their first office in Dallas.”

Demand for all lease types in Harwood District continues to be strong. Traditional leases accounted for over 60 percent of leases in 2021 and the newest tower, Harwood No. 14, is already over 50 percent pre-leased.

“We have 19 city blocks of office tenants. We are in a uniquely nimble position to be able to listen to our tenants and make immediate changes,” said Hannah Mesh, Leasing Manager. “This has also led to new tenant amenity offerings such as a tenant lounge, improved wellness features, and conference centers.”

For more information on the Harwood Flex program, visit HarwoodLeasing.com/flex.