Cantoni Designs Contemporary Model Home at Bleu Ciel


Bleu Ciel features three Model Homes each with their own unique style from a carefully curated list of designers. Modern furniture and design studio, Cantoni, selected to outfit our 01 Sky Home on the 7th floor.

The contemporary eye of this Dallas-based retailer and design studio lends itself to a sumptuous, modern home for the urban dweller. ”For the model, we wanted to keep it neutral and warm to help prospective residents envision themselves living in the space,” says Benji Rodriguez, Designer at Cantoni Dallas. “We opted for low profile furniture to let the home’s stunning views take center stage and integrated soft textures to add warmth.”

Step into the model unit and your eyes immediately lock onto a watercolor diptych featuring a striking blue ombré painting mounted on the wall. And the impressive artwork doesn’t stop there: avant-garde swivel chairs, phantom rectangular mirrors, large-scale photographs mounted on acrylic, and chandeliers suspended over the dining table. The space exudes a sense of drama befitting for any modernistic maven.

View additional photos from the Cantoni Model Unit at Bleu Ciel and visit the the Contact Page for Bleu Ciel to schedule your model home tour with our sales team.