A Complete Guide to the Charities of Hope Fest: Live from Harwood


Now that you know a bit more about Hope Fest: Live from Harwood, get to know more about the reason behind it all — the inspiring forces behind this entire event. These four charities really make a difference with the families they work with and Hope Fest gets to help them make that difference.

Over the past two years, Hope Fest: Live from Harwood has raised over $500,000 to benefit amazing local charities. This year, proceeds from the event are benefiting Connecting Point of Park Cities, Cornerstone Achievement Center, The Huckleberry Foundation, and The Bowen Family Foundation.

Get to know these great organizations, and see how your ticket can really make an impact.

Connecting Point of Park Cities
“We dream of a day when society recognizes that all adults of all abilities have purpose and value. ”

Connecting Point of Park Cities fills a gap in resources for adults with special needs by providing an impactful day program for adults with disabilities. Connecting Point is able to foster independence through educational, social, recreational and vocational initiatives, and connecting them to opportunities to volunteer as well.

Connecting Point was the original inspiration for Hope Fest. Founder Katelyn Barbier-Mueller was a teacher at Connecting Point and she saw firsthand how much these organizations needed the funding. Along with her husband Oliver Barbier-Mueller, the idea for Hope Fest became a reality. Proceeds from Hope Fest help keep Connecting Point an affordable resource for a community that needs it.

Cornerstone Achievement Center
“This school is providing for the needs of individual children and families who have high expectations of learning and behavior. Between Crystal and Janet’s sweet, loving spirits and bulldog determination, there is no limit to the growth of the children that can happen at Cornerstone.”

Cornerstone Achievement Center was founded by two families with a desire to provide a faith-based educational program for children with special needs. Cornerstone provides an environment that helps children uncover their potential and develop their natural talents.

Cornerstone Achievement Center is one of the charities that Hope Fest has supported since the benefit concert’s inaugural year. In that time, Hope Fest has been able to lend a hand in helping them make a difference. With Hope Fest’s proceeds, Cornerstone has been able to hire another teacher, update and improve playground equipment for the kids, update technology, and increase the number of community outings.

The Huckleberry Foundation
“We ask that you join us in making this world a better place for special needs individuals. Please be bold, be brave, be loving, be accepting and be the good that you want to see around you.”

The Huckleberry Foundation helps provide financial assistance to families with special needs children. The high costs of quality care, education, and services needed to help these children live a full and happy life is one that many families simply can’t afford. Through The Huckleberry Foundation and Hope Fest, one family was able to afford a wheelchair for their son who was born without arms or legs. The Huckleberry Foundation has also been able to fulfill its mission of helping these wonderful individuals and their families live life to the fullest, by helping pay for costly therapy and life-improving devices.

The Bowen Family Foundation
“We believe that music heals.”

The Bowen Family Foundation focuses on healing children and families. This nonprofit seeks out and support the most impactful ways to connect families with love, support, resources, and opportunities to help them get on the path to a better life. Through their own charity benefit concert called the Bowen Music Fest and their Bowen Classic golf tournament, they’ve been able to make a real and lasting impact on the children and families in their local community of Waco. The Bowen Family Foundations helps give back to worthy causes in their community — such as to their own local hospital’s newborn intensive care unit. They are all about doing what they love and staying true to hometown roots.

Put on your boots and we’ll see you for fun and philanthropy at this year’s Hope Fest: Live from Harwood!

Hope Fest: Live from Harwood takes place on September 28th from 5 – 10 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at HopeFestLive.com.