Red Bull x Harwood District

Have you heard the news? Harwood District has partnered up with Red Bull to bring the Red Bull Racing Show Run to Dallas! The Show Run is on October 16th, but you can start the celebrations early in Harwood. With featured cocktails throughout the District and a chance to test your speed at the Pit Stop Challenge, you can gear up for the big day all month long.

Red Bull Cocktails in Harwood

Beginning on October 1st, the restaurants in Harwood will all feature a featured Red Bull cocktail to gear up for the Show Run.

  • Red Bull Watermelon Mule at Happiest Hour
    • Vodka + Q Mixer Ginger Beer + Red Bull Edition – Watermelon
  • The Pub Whammy at Harwood Arms
    • Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka, Red Bull Yellow Edition – Tropical + Orange
  • Le Excitabull at Mercat Bistro
    • Vodka, Peach Schnaps, Red Bull + topped with cranberry juice
  • Red Bull Tropical Tequila at Te Deseo
    • Blanco Tequila, OJ, Red Bull Yellow Edition – Tropical
  • Red Bull Fizz at Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar
    • Champagne + Red Bull
  • Wingin’ It at Magnolias: Sous Le Pont
    • Red Bull Italian Soda with Cream + Raspberries

Rev Up for Red Bull Racing Show Run

Enjoy happy hour and pre-Show Run surprises at Happiest Hour. Rooftop Remix with a live DJ begins at 10 p.m.

Red Bull Show Run

The Red Bull Racing Show Run will arrive in Dallas for the first time, taking over the Harwood District area for an unforgettable experience where the spectators’ hearts will race nearly as fast as an F1 car.


This event will give fans a chance to witness the Formula 1 car up close and personal and bring everyone together with a festival and family friendly event environment.


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